Dante, Granny’s Knight, Big foot and Jenny

Hi, I HAVE been working… just not updating blogs! A lot of my time has been dedicated to my dissertation which was entitled: ‘Lowbrow Art: A new Renaissance?’ which looked more indepth at the Lowbrow art movement, an art movement that in my opinion should have more praise… Perhaps because it takes so much inspiration from comics and children’s books!! Just to clean up my in activeness!

Anyway here’s some art I have to show the World today!

Firstly I have been thinking about illustrating The Divine Comedy as a side project, here’s my try at the first image:

Secondly and perhaps more importantly I have been working on my children’s book set to educate young girls that they can be whatever they like and that they don’t have to feel pressured to be anything but themselves. Here’s a quick sketch I did of the main character: Jenny with her stuffed toy: Sanfriz just so you get a feel for it. I don’t want to get in to too many of the details, I’d feel that the ‘magic’ might die if I started to explain it all!

And here’s just a couple of other things I have created since my last post:


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