FMP text and Update to observational drawings

Hi, I’ve updated my observational drawings tab so please have a nosey :).

Also I thought I would share with you the text I created with helpful editing from my brother for ‘The Little Gypsy Slipper’ (aka Cinderilla):

[title page]

[picture of bouquet]

The wedding bouquet is treasured, it’s said,

for the girl it catches will soon be wed.

[sisters together with Cinderilla holding bouquet]

It’s a pity, therefore, that our story must start

with flowers unaccustomed to a heavy heart.

[father and bride + Cinderilla picture]

Cinderilla is she who, having buried her mother,

must watch as her father takes up with another.

[Cinderilla crying with Godmother]

She cries to her Godmother who can only suggest

that a wedding of her own might cure this unrest.

[family around table]

The following day a meeting is called –

her family have been invited to a society ball.

[sisters dreaming of clothes]

Her sisters conspire about how they will dress

to catch the eye of the richest guests.

[Cinderilla dreaming of dress]

Cinderilla, too, quite fancies a Lord,

dreaming of a dress she can scarce afford.

[Godmother in front of window]

For while her stepmother is rich, her father is poor,

so she runs to her Godmother in search of a cure.

[picture of basket]

The old lady may be skint but her plans are big,

she despatches our heroine to find flowers and twigs.

[Cinderilla and Godmother making dress]

When Cinderilla returns the pair slave for hours

to make a designer dress from kindling and flowers.

[pair of shoes]

And as night comes in and all is dark,

her Godmother carves shoes out of fallen bark.

[Cinderilla in bed sleeping]

Exhausted, the young girl shuts her eyes

and imagines being fought over by wealthy guys.

[Cinderilla with mop]

In the morning she wakes and gets on with her chores,

too content in her daydream to mind mopping floors.

[picture of carriage]

When she’s done she washes, slips on the gown,

the shoes pinching slightly in the carriage to town.

[3 sisters walking to ball]

The sisters come together and discussion is rife

about which single lady will end up a wife.

[two sons + 3 sisters together]

They pull up at the estate and right away

the host’s two sons are looking their way.

[2 men either side of Cinderilla]

Nudging each other, the two men approach

and inspect the fillies in front of their coach.

[Stepsisters and sons together, Cinderilla to one side]

Cinderilla is first, but they pass up the chance

and instead take the stepsisters to drink and to dance.

[Cinderilla running away]

Unable to cope with this second betrayal,

Cinderilla runs from the party… and from fairytale.

[picture of the shoe]

All that remained that night was a single shoe

in which weeds and grass and flowers grew.


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