Just for fun: Gwyn, Lord of Cinder

I haven’t done any fan art for years, but I was thinking about Dark Souls the other day and the impact it left upon me. Not many video games leave me with a completely satisfied feeling and definitely none like quite Dark Souls. The challenge haunts you, it’s inescapable until you get out of the other side. When I first played the game I missed out the first cut scene leading me to believe that this World was Limbo; a World where you were fighting through to attain entry to Heaven. I still prefer that idea although I do enjoy the real story line. The sequel was enjoyable but due to fast travel wasn’t quite as challenging!

Anyway, I wanted to create a simple piece in between other work and decided to portray Gwyn, the last boss and challenge of this fantastic game. He’s a bit static in this piece although I do enjoy it, hope you guys do too!

Gwyn lord of cinder



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