Goblin Week


Here’s a summary of my Goblin Week, or in my case Goblin Fortnight it would seem!

Firstly, Goblin Week is where creatives are asked to design their own goblins over the span of a week. It was first created in 2013 by Evan Dahm and this year sat 25th January to the 31th.

I really wanted to enter last year but realised too late, this year the same almost happened again! I started a piece and was unable to finish it in time.
So I didn’t completely miss the week I produced a simple sketch:


Like I said the piece I wanted to produce didn’t get finished in time, but hey here it is now:

goblinhome interviewwiththewizardslayerThe idea behind this was to create an interview with the ‘wizard slayer’ so I also produced a magazine article version of the piece.


Just some fun, I’m entering a lot more daily art topics and such these days. If you are interested in seeing lots more follow me on twitter: @chrislewislee I post a lot there including a lot of observatonal drawing.


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