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The Last Red Squirrel in the North West

Much like the other Wildlife Trust booklets ‘The Last Red Squirrel in the North West’ campaign was a door drop campaign dedicated to spreading awareness and support for the iconic Red Squirrel.

I really enjoyed working on this project and it was fantastic to have the opportunity to do another project dedicated to such an incredible creature!

See below a few of my favourite pages from this booklet:


Recent Sketch Dailies entries that are missing from here.

I haven’t posted on here for awhile, I’m definitely not dead or anything. In fact I post a lot, just not here very often. This is my more formal online ‘hang out’ yet I post a few times a week on Twitter: click here.

Anyway, here are some of my missing Sketch Dailies entries:

Ares: The Greek God of War.
Frigg, the Norse God pleading with all the creatures of the Earth not to harm her son Baldur.
A Hydra like Cerberus listening to the command of Satan. The two figures in the foreground are Virgil and Dante from the Divine Comedy that inspired this piece.
Lamassu: Assyrian protective deity
Gremlin Yoda: He sure ate after midnight!
Mulan: The Legendary Chinese Warrior Lady.
Quetzalcoatl: The Aztec God
Fuath: The Gaelic Water Spirit.

Cumbernauld Living Landscape

Last year I did a project promoting healthy lifestyles around the Cumbernauld area in Scotland. The project entailed the creation of a simple map showing the available exercise circuits for local citizens. This map was displayed in a leaflet and made available to those living in the local area.

Cumbernauld flyer

Illustration Friday – Path

Hi everyone, I got quite excited when I began working on this mid week, but due to a lot of other work was unable to finish it before the next Illustration Friday submission title.

The title that I had entered was ‘path’, and I used the excuse to portray an issue that is constantly an issue for a friend of mine: The choice between city or country life. What would you choose?




Witchsona 2015

I completely forgot to upload this to my main blog! I’ve been using Twitter and other social media a lot more recently and occasionally forgetting about here! Anyway this is my Witchsona for 2015, I entered it last year as well (click here to see it).

This is Seopuca – The wizard who sews clothes of concealment for other mythical creatures, who wish to avoid the constant pestering of human folk.

Emperor Kuzco or should I say Inca God Kuzco?

Here’s another Sketch Dailies entry this time for their title of EmperorKuzco. I tend to enjoy re-imagining characters so I used this title as an excuse to make use of my love of mythology. I decided to make him a God, more importantly the Inca god of death: Supay. I doubt the Incas would have imagined such a terrifying god as a Llama but that’s part of the fun!