A to Z Mythical Creatures

I previously involved myself in a project run by Animal Alphabets (https://twitter.com/AnimalAlphabets) with the intention of producing a mythical creature for each letter in the alphabet. I also wanted to challenge myself by focusing on a self contained story in each image and producing a quote to go along side it. Sadly due to work commitments I had to cut these short, although I did enjoy working on these a lot!

A -  Alphyn2
‘All must face the creature’s judgement, it is their rite of passage.’ Letter A for Alphyn.
B - Basilisk
‘The makers betrayed their champion, and doomed the mortals below.’ Letter B for Basilisk.
C - Centaur
‘He guarded those ruins, desperate to hold on to what was once, but would never be again.’ Letter C for Centaur.
D - Dragon
‘She held on wishing to be led to the birth of flame yet saw nothing but ice.’ Letter D for Dragon.
E - Erymanthian boar
‘Who was to know how much hatred the hunter would cause?’ Letter E for Erymanthian boar.
‘An offer was made for the freedom of many.’ Letter F for Faun.


‘She was the ultimate status symbol, one that every King demanded’ Letter G for Griffin.




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