Scottish Wildlife Trust

I worked on a variation of work for Scottish Wildlife Trust. These commissions include:

– Creation of illustrations for spotter’s boards in reserves.

– Creation of all the illustration work for a booklet entitled: The Last Red Squirrel in Scotland. The project set out to educate the Scottish public about the decline of the Red Squirrel in Scotland, and to inform about the projects SWT do to help secure it’s future. The project was sent out to 400,000 households across Scotland and won a national marketing award.

– Illustrations of a series of animals for a Disney Brave themed online card game, aimed at educating about the plight of the Scottish wildlife.

– Illustrations for the Scottish Wildlife Trust’s Monthly Children’s Magazine.

– Illustrated map for the Cumbernauld area to promote a healthy lifestyle.

– Illustrated logo to be used by Edinburgh County Council to promote a new campaign: Edinburgh Living Landscape. The logo will be used online as well as on a large scale moss graffiti in the centre of Edinburgh.

Created illustrations for all of the panels throughout Jupiter’s Urban Wildlife Centre. This included a large scale creative map, as well as the creation of a mascot for the reserve.

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